How To Hack Whatsapp Tips and Tricks, Whatsapp kese Hack Kare

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How To Hack WhatsApp Tips and Tricks? How To Hack WhatsApp?. Today we will talk about it.

Everyone wants to hack Friend’s or Girlfriend’s WhatsApp. If told in a simple way, it is impossible to hack WhatsApp.

But WhatsApp Chats can definitely be hacked. For that one will have to take his Android phone. In which something has to be done.

I have brought many tips and tricks to hack WhatsApp. We have brought here 5 Tips Trick in Hindi. Let’s hack with which tricks.

Hacking a friend’s WhatsApp email id, hacking WhatsApp by scanning with OR Code Scanner. By taking Message Backup, hacking WhatsApp Messanger by OTP Code.

Hacking WhatsApp and modifying the message by redirecting the call. There are many ways in which we can do this easily.

How To Hack Whatsapp Tips and Tricks, Whatsapp kese Hack Kare

There are also 2 ways to hack someone’s WhatsApp, they are

  • Hacking Someone’s WhatsApp Chat
  • OR Hacking WhatsApp Account

How to Hack Whatsapp Tips and Tricks?

There are also 2 ways to hack someone’s WhatsApp

What are the ways in which WhatsApp can be hacked

  • WhatsApp hack With Scanning QR Code(To hack Message Chat)
  • By Exporting Hack With Chat (to hack message chat)
  • Hacking by OTP Code Verification (to steal complete WhatsApp account)
  •  Hacking WhatsApp by Call Redirecting (To Hack Account)
  • Editing Chat Message (To edit the message)

Well there are many ways to hack WhatsApp. Some people want that they just want to hang it by sending a message. But it is not hacked, it is just called hanging. We will also tell you about hanging.

Let’s start, How To hack WhatsApp Tips & Trick Follow whatever method you like well.

1. How To Hack WhatsApp Account Hack With By Scanning QR Code

WhatsApp can be hacked by scanning the QR Code. With QR Code, only his WhatsApp gets connected in our mobile. And all the WhatsApp messages will be visible in it. which we can read.

You will have to take Friend’s Android Mobile for just 5 seconds. So that by scanning its QR code can connect to your phone.

1. First of all, whatscan App has to be installed in Friend’s phone.

2. After installing, open that app and select English language (choose any language English or Hindi)

3. QR Code will appear in it. (Which needs to be scanned with your own WhatsApp in order to connect)

4. This is done to install WhatsApp QR Code on your friend’s phone. Now open WhatsApp in your mobile.

5. Go inside WhatsApp’s Settings and click on WhatsApp Web option

As soon as you scan the QR Code of your friend’s WhatsApp Web from your phone’s WhatsApp, then it will be connected automatically. His WhatsApp account will run in your mobile. You can read all his sms. You can also message. can do anything.

This trick is a superfast way to connect other’s WhatsApp account to your mobile.

2. How To Hack WhatsApp Chatting By Exporting

By the way, by exporting WhatsApp Chat of friends, you can also read Chatting by sending it to your Gmail or your own WhatsApp. This is not a hack, but you can also read his chatting with this tips. What time did we talk? What had happened? Everything can read the message. With this trick also you can hack WhatsApp chatting. Let’s start-

1. First of all take the friend’s phone for 1 minute. In his WhatsApp, open the chatting of whose chatting you want to read.

2. After this go to the option of chatting and click on “More”. Then click on “Export Chat”.

3. Then the option of “Without Media” and “Include Media” will be available. If you want to see photos and videos along with chat, then you can select Include media.

Then send it to your own WhatsApp or Email Address. After doing this, give back his phone. It takes 15 seconds to export a chat.

  • Suppose you have sent it on your own WhatsApp.
  • Download it. (You will find downloaded chatting in Zip File)
  • Can read in HTML viewer.

If you do not have HTML Viewer in your phone then you can download HTML Viewer App from Google Play Store. And you can read it.

NOTE– This is Only Education Purpose,Do not misuse this trick.  Only information is written here.  So don’t take it in wrong use.

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